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Name:Huangshan Violet Biological Technology Co., Ltd
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Address:16-201 JinShanYuan,JiangNan New City,TunXi District,HuangShan City,AnHui Province,China

HUANGSHAN KBR CHEMICAL Co., LTDis a professional high-tech enterprise engaged in fine chemicals, in which high-end, new, special silane coupling agent, titanium coupling agent, aluminum coupling agent, compound-type special agent, powder coating additives, special defoamer and granule carclazyte included. The company is located in the scenic city of Huangshan in Anhui Province, the single proprietorship manufacture plant that the annual capacity is 5000 tons is located in the circular economy industrial park in the HuiZhou prefecture, and strategic partner factories in Qufu of Shandong Province ,Nanjing City of Jiangsu Province and Liaoning Province, each capacity of these three plants is 3500 tons, 2000 tons and 3000 tons. And it helps us run more than 50 types of silane coupling agent, titanate coupling agent etc. Also actively invest the deep processing of the dominant resources in Huangshan with the partner developing granule carclazyte and floridin together. The technology and application development laboratory is located in Huangshan City, Tunxi District, 100% of employees have graduated from junior college or above, and 80% staffs have great experience in the fine chemicals development, production, and sales for many years. The company has the qualification of managing dangerous chemicals and goods at home and abroad, technology import and export.
Our company inherits to valuing the application of talents and the development of technology and the management philosophy of sustainable economic development all-in-one, keeping up with the level of modern technology development, always adjusting the product structure, relying on innovative ideas, and actively develop high-end and new fine chemicals in a lead position of production technology and perfect service. The products are widely used in the new chemical materials of technical forefront , medicine, electronics, paint, equipment manufacturing and other fields
On the basis of equality and mutual benefit, company adheres to the business principles of the moral character and credibility as the first, concern and develop the social responsibility, and dedicates to customer service at home and abroad.